Single Edge Blades

  • Top quality carbon steel single edge razor blades
  • Aluminium spine fits into most scraper tools
  • Safety dispenser of 10 blades avaiable
  • Convenient for storage of new and used blades
Personna are the World leaders in single edge (SE) razor blades.

The quality of the grinding ensures consistency across the range and makes these suitable for a variety of applications including automotive glass, oven cleaning and general use. In particular the GEM is a key part of the production process for clean room operations being available in a sterilised state.

SE range are available in a variety of thicknesses ranging from 0.009″ to 0.012″ and materials including stainless or carbon steel blades, steel or Aluminium backed, 2 or 3 facets and where required sterilised.

SE can be provided in a wide variety of packaging to suit end user requirements

Available in 100 x packs or packs of 3.

Plastic and Steel Scraper Holders also available.