Razorpit – The original and award winning razor blade sharpener

Rexell are the official UK & Distributor for the Razorpit Product.

Using simple and patented technology Razorpit cleans and sharpens your razor blades, making them last on average 6 times longer.

Link: www.razorpit.com

What is RazorPit?

RazorPit is a revolutionary product that will change your shaving experience and save you money.

Previously, after only a few shaves you would have to discard your blade.

Using RazorPit this is no longer the case as it will prolong the life of your razor blade considerably.

The same blade can now be used for up to 150 shaves, saving you money, sparing the environment and giving yourself a better, sharper shave, every day.

Cleaning your razor blades

RazorPit rinses, cleans and maintains your razor blades, so they will last for up to a 150 shaves.

After a few shaves your razor blade is covered in a residue of skin, facial hair and shaving foam. With RazorPit you simply run your blade over the silicone surface, while pressing downwards. This cleans the surface in a very simple way, allowing you to use the blade again and again.

Save time and money with RazorPit

Owning a RazorPit will save the average man hundreds of pounds per year.

You will practically never have to buy replacement blades for your razor. With RazorPit a single blade will last you up to 150 shaves.

RazorPit is Environmentally Friendly

Millions of blades are thrown away every year in the U.K.

RazorPit will help reduce the amount of blades that are thrown away. RazorPit is manufactured out of recyclable material.


The rapid dulling of razor blades has been an expensive problem, until now. A great deal of in depth research by Morten Kjeldsen, a Danish inventor of Razorpit, revealed the cause of razor blades becoming seemingly blunt was actually the build up of hair, skin and soap on the blades, which do not wash off after shaving.

RazorPit patented friction technology is the result of extensive testing for extending the life of a razorblade.

RazorPit now overcomes the dulling process by thoroughly cleaning the cutting edge of your blades, so that a blade can now last for up to 150 shaves before it starts to lose its sharpness.

It’s like shaving with a brand new blade every day.